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Official Ofsted Inspection Report 2016

Please find below the Ofsted Inspection Report for the Southend SCITT which has been officially published today.

As a new SCITT we are very proud of the achievements we have made in a relatively short space of time and that Ofsted recognise that we have a ‘strong capacity to improve further,’ and that the ‘pursuit of excellence is central’ to all that we aim to do as a partnership.
We are particularly pleased that our partnership of schools has been identified as being ‘particularly effective’ and that ‘school-based training is the key feature leading to trainees’ success.’  We are also pleased that our pastoral care has been judged as ‘high quality.’
It’s reassuring to know that our assessment of trainees has been judged to be ‘rigorous and robust,’ as have been our recruitment and selection processes.  With high completion rates, 100% employment rates,  (80%  of which are in  local schools), Ofsted feel that the partnership is gaining a ‘well-deserved reputation for training high-quality NQTs that local schools are keen to employ,’ and that as a result the SCITT is helping to increase ‘the pool of effective teachers in Southend-on-Sea.’
The main message emerging from this inspection is that we should continue doing what we’re doing and focus on embedding the good practice we have already established.
Sincerest thanks go to the team of people involved in providing our trainees with such a high quality training experience, from the administrators to the mentors to the trainers, ITT co-ordinators and Headteachers.  I have repeatedly said that the strength of the SCITT lies in the truly collaborative nature of the partnership and this report clearly endorses this. 
One of our aims is to address local needs by  growing our own and in so doing we hope that we are also able, as one Headteacher commented to Ofsted, to support partnership schools with their own school improvement journeys.
Penny Bowman
Southend SCITT Director