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Southend SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training)


Are you due to graduate from university in 2020?  Are you considering a career change?  Could you inspire young people to fulfil their potential and change their lives for the better by helping them realise their ambitions? Have you considered Teacher Training?




Welcome to Southend SCITT School Centred Initial Teacher Training


A partnership which ‘is gaining a well-deserved reputation for training high-quality NQTs that local schools are keen to employ,’ and whose ‘pursuit of excellence is central to partnership activities.’ (Ofsted 2016)

 Contact us to start your teaching career:

Please email        or call       01702 583079



The overall aim of the SCITT programme is to foster the development of professional skills, knowledge and attitudes needed by teachers in order to engage, stimulate and promote students’ learning.

Trainees will consolidate their subject knowledge, considering further its intrinsic features from the perspectives of out-of-the-classroom teaching and learning and in the classroom teaching and learning. Through discussion with the practising teachers leading the course, trainees will develop awareness and understanding of the influence particular aspects of their subject will have on work with students in the classroom. By the end of the year trainees will have acquired the ability to see and interpret educational situations in new ways and have gained a growing awareness of their capabilities and potential as teachers, working both individually and in groups.

The Southend SCITT believes that a spirit of intellectual enquiry should match the practical competence of teachers, focusing on how to stimulate and support effective and worthwhile learning of all students. A balance of these attributes is essential for proficiency in the classroom.

Penny Bowman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       SCITT Director

The children of Southend deserve inspiring and skilled teachers who can give them the best start in life.  With our consistently high completion rates and 100% employment rates, (80% of posts from our last cohort were to local school) Ofsted think that the Southend SCITT is definitely helping to ‘increase the pool of effective teachers in Southend-on-Sea.’

If you are looking for a training scheme which provides a ‘range of high-quality training experiences,’ ‘gives trainees an effective introduction to the role of the teacher,’ where the assessment of trainees is found to be ‘robust’ ‘rigorous’ and ‘accurate,’ and the pastoral care judged as ‘high quality,’ then look no further.

To read the OfSTED report in full please go to the ‘news’ section.


For primary teacher training please go to


Why train with us

Previous Student Teachers

Working professionals who trained with us
  • Lauren Guichard


    “Having worked in a very different profession for a number of years prior to my decision to step into teaching I was, of course, keen to make the correct choice of training partner to begin my career.  Following research into the various routes and meeting a number of suppliers I found Southend SCITT to be the most transparent and fit most with my desire to step straight into a school environment.

    The subsequent interview process was efficient and provided sufficient opportunity to discuss my questions and concerns. From this point throughout my year I enjoyed an open and straightforward communication with my host school, the SCITT team at SHSG and CCCU. A clear structure and support system meant that any issues were handled quickly and simply as they arose allowing aspects of the course to be tailored to my needs.

    Being in the classroom from day one greatly boosted my confidence and is something I would highly recommend to anyone stepping into this career.”

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  • David Wilkins


    'I found the teacher training course challenging and intense but ultimately rewarding. The learning curve was steep and the time flew by. Over the year, teaching in both a comprehensive and grammar school I had to face different challenges but with the support of my personal mentors, the curriculum lead and SCITT co-ordinators, as well as the other trainees, I was able to overcome them and  develop and grow in confidence as a teacher.

    I now look forward to my NQT year and my future career as a teacher'



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  • Ria Killi


    “When I received a place on the Southend SCITT I was excited at the prospect of becoming a classroom teacher. The training and mentoring I received has since enabled me to propel my career into different avenues. I am in NQT+1 year and have already had the experience of stepping in as Acting Learning Manager.

    I would not have had the confidence to apply let alone be considered for the role had I not been exposed to elements of pastoral care and safeguarding during my training. Training days within the SCITT involve bringing people together, from different places in their lives, to learn about how to inspire future generations. I have taken skills from sessions in sharing good practice and working together into my department. I have been able to provide CPD for colleagues; opening up avenues of teaching which they may not have considered before, looking at the curriculum in different ways and preparing lower key stages for their future examinations.

    By gaining my PGCE alongside working in a school I have been able to move forward in my career with clear ambition and confidence.”

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  • Jacob O'Kill

    ‘I began Southend SCITT in 2016, I had thought about teaching since my graduation from university but had never actively pursued it, choosing instead to work and live in London and abroad. Once I had finally made the choice to begin a career in teaching I applied to Southend SCITT. I was immediately supported by the leadership team, offering advice and guidance in the many approaches to teaching and what would be best suited to me.

    I completed my training year, progressing to a geography position in a nearby local academy. Since then I have progressed to the Subject Lead within my subject, all the while being continuously supported by SCITT mentor Rebecca Foster and the SCITT leadership team, Penny Bowman and Christian Gilson.

    The SCITT approach allows for an invaluable experience into the life and role of a teacher within a school. The support from CCCU in completing my PGCE assignments was excellent, with Katie Kennedy (our mentor from CCCU) regularly leading sessions and being available almost 24/7 for advice. I can safely say that whilst my career in teaching is relatively new, the SCITT and their approach is one that lends itself incredibly well to preparing students for what awaits them in this incredibly fulfilling job.'

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  • 2013-2014 Cohort

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  • 2014-2015 Cohort

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  • 2015-16 Cohort

    2015-16 Cohort

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  • 2017/18 Cohort

    Southend SCITT

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