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Previous Trainee Teachers

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Andrew Ashman Jones


The process has been fast-paced, highly stressed at times, yet wholly enjoyable! It has equipped me with a wide range of teaching skills as well as experiences in both an outstanding single-sex grammar school and at an improving mixed comprehensive. I have met some great people along the journey, be it teachers, students and fellow SCITT trainees. You find that you never stop learning from others with teaching and this is one of the major attractions of the job to me. Some of the most challenging times are those where you are put to the test to really find out what kind of a person you are and ultimate defines and develops your teaching style. These difficult times are rewarded by the satisfaction of completing them successfully and learning from your mistakes. Personally, I would like to thank in particular the SCITT Director for her extremely professional support and encouragement throughout the entire process and my ITT and subject mentors, both bedrocks of the scheme.