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Previous Trainee Teachers

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Previous Student Teachers

Working professionals who trained with us
  • Ria Killi


    Teaching is a great mixture of rewarding, enjoyable unpredictability. Having spent nearly a year training with the Southend SCITT, building confidence and the approachability that I would have loved my own school teachers to have, I am now able to walk through the school gates ready to use the love and skill I have of my subject to influence and teach in a variety of ways. Southend SCITT is a course which provides future teachers with cyclical training; being taught and mentored by those already in the field. Having had the ability to teach every day has meant that I am always reflecting and reviewing my own practice, setting new goals and targets that will help me progress alongside my students. This has been a steadily building journey, spending time observing others, learning about protocols and procedures, and developing effective relationships with extremely skilled teachers. The course involves a PGCE, ensuring that all trainees are knowledgeable of current academic research and theory surrounding Education. The mixture of teaching and study at the same time was, at times, daunting. However, the support and guidance provided ensures that trainees are progressing at the rate suited to their own ability. Southend SCITT has produced many outstanding teachers, and with over 30 trainees in the current cohort, the application process was intense, including two interview days, a presentation and a 30 minute lesson. A stressful, but insightful experience. Training with Southend SCITT has built my character both in and out of school, it has propelled me into a career in which I am keen to progress, and has the ability to do so for many others.
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  • Jacob O'Kill

    Once I had decided upon teaching I began to look into the different routes available. I found Southend SCITT through UCAS, I got in touch with some preliminary questions and was invited in for a meeting with the SCITT Director, Penny Bowman. In this meeting we discussed everything at great length and all my questions were answered and my mind was certainly made up. After I applied, I was invited to take part in the interview process.

    The process was efficient and also furthered my ambition to become a teacher as it allowed me a further insight and more discussion with experienced teachers and those who ran the course. It also allowed me to discuss the requirements and resolve any concerns I had in completing my PGCE.

    I have enjoyed the course from the beginning, SHSG have been incredibly supportive and alongside CCCU, they make for a formidable team that allows you to get the most out of your training year. I feel the class room experience has been invaluable and is definitely something I will be recommending to any friends who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching.  

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  • Andrew Ashman Jones

    The process has been fast-paced, highly stressed at times, yet wholly enjoyable! It has equipped me with a wide range of teaching skills as well as experiences in both an outstanding single-sex grammar school and at an improving mixed comprehensive. I have met some great people along the journey, be it teachers, students and fellow SCITT trainees. You find that you never stop learning from others with teaching and this is one of the major attractions of the job to me. Some of the most challenging times are those where you are put to the test to really find out what kind of a person you are and ultimate defines and develops your teaching style. These difficult times are rewarded by the satisfaction of completing them successfully and learning from your mistakes. Personally, I would like to thank in particular the SCITT Director for her extremely professional support and encouragement throughout the entire process and my ITT and subject mentors, both bedrocks of the scheme.

    I would highly recommend the Southend SCITT as the perfect springboard for anyone thinking about commencing a career in teaching.

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  • 2014-2015 Cohort

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  • 2013-2014 Cohort

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