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School Direct

School Direct is a teacher training scheme where the trainee teacher is based in a school for the majority of the year. In Southend, trainees will also have a five week placement in a contrasting school and a two week placement for a research project in a third location.

Pedagogy and subject training will take place weekly.

All trainees will have a dedicated subject mentor in their school who will work with them to help develop the trainees understanding and practice.


Southend High School for Girls is the Lead School for secondary Initial Teacher Training in the Southend area working as Southend SCITT.  Southend SCITT is delivering a PGCE course in conjunction with Canterbury Christ Church University, masters modules are available.

For primary Initial Teacher Training please visit


Student Fees for 2018/19 are £9000. 

Student loans and bursaries are available for details please see below.

There are two routes in School Direct; salaried or funded, and unsalaried, non funded or training.

The salaried/funded route

Trainees on this route are paid and could teach up to a 90% timetable during their training. 

Funding is dependent on subject and degree level.  These trainees are not entitled to a bursary. 

This route does cost schools money and they will therefore only accept applicants if a) they are well known to the school and b) if the applicant is offering a shortage subject which the school needs.

The unsalaried/non funded route

Trainees on this route are regarded as students who pay their own fees and can therefore take out a student loan. 

They are also entitled to a bursary or can apply for a scholarship.

Information about bursaries can  be found here:


We are keen for trainees to help us to develop our programme we therefore encourage student representation on the strategy group and the management group. We will keep in touch with students into their NQT year and beyond.  For those staying in Southend networking programmes are in place for both NQT’s and EPD’s (Newly Qualified Teachers and Early Professional Development).